The security of your data is our highest priority. To read more about this, please see our privacy policies. If you download PLEVENDO for Android, the installation requires several permissions for the application. This article explains exactly what these authorizations stand for.


This permission allows PLEVENDO to store data and tasks on the device so that you can access them without an internet connection. It also makes PLEVENDO much faster, since not all data need to be loaded from the server.

Network connections

This permission allows the device to receive updates from our servers and send them to the servers to synchronize and update your information. This influences almost all actions in PLEVENDO. When you synchronize, the data transfer is secured and encrypted.


To make the login and registration quicker and easier, you can connect your PLEVENDO account to Facebook and Google to sign in with just one click. PLEVENDO does not automatically post anything on Facebook or Google.


The access is necessary to allow you to upload your own photos for your event.


Access to your location is necessary to make better suggestions for you in your area.