A partner event is an activity of various partners who cooperate with PLEVENDO. We suggest these possibilities under the menu item "Discover". Due to the special conditions, we cannot guarantee continuous availability of appointments for all events. When selecting a partner event, the "Book" button will be displayed when you reach the minimum number of participants. This button transmits all important data to the partner and makes a binding reservation for the activity. The reservation will be made in your name on the selected date of the event. In case the partner has any queries (e. g. drink request, film selection, etc.), we will transmit your telephone number stored in your profile. The partner confirms the automatically generated reservation within 24 hours. If the reservation is successful, a status update will be created automatically in your event. At the same time you will receive a message from PLEVENDo and a booking confirmation by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: A booking is only binding once the partner has confirmed the appointment. Your event will then have the status "Booking confirmed" and you will receive a confirmation in the messages.